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Kaleidoscope: Changing images of childhood -- Early Childhood Australia's biennial conference

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This conference will explore creative and inventive approaches to early childhood education. Sessions themes will include popular culture and technologies, cultural diversity, and changing relationships in early childhood education and young children's health.


Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre Brisbane

The conference explores creative and inventive approaches to early childhood education. Using the conference theme of Kaleidoscope: Changing images of childhood, the conference aims to:

- present innovative images of the ways in which young children interact with popular culture and technologies

- raise new issues about the cultural and linguistic diversity that is characteristic of Australian society in the twenty first century

- explore the changing relationships that symbolize early childhood education today, with a specific focus on young children and health

- strengthen understanding of the diverse roles of those who work in early childhood education

Sessions will be presented under the following themes:


The pervasive influence of popular culture and technologies in young children's lives is undeniable, with many young children fascinated with popular culture and technologies that produce and are used to transmit images of popular culture. This theme considers implications of the idea that young children are more technologically literate than adults with whom they share their days. It also examines how popular culture can inspire young children to learn in both before- and in-school contexts.


Although cultural and linguistic diversity has been a feature of Australian society for some time, we need to disturb current understanding of diversity to surface issues that are troubling for individuals, communities and institutions. This theme pushes the boundaries of thinking about what is possible for cultural recognition and respect, action at individual and community levels, and creating new ways of relating and being in early childhood education.


Society continues to change, as do experiences of childhood, schooling, family life, work orders and the cultural composition of Australian society. Globalization of capital and culture, the resultant increasing divisions between the rich and poor and childhood health issues such as obesity and reduced physical activity all present challenges for those who work in early childhood services. This theme encourages the exposition of new alliances and research possibilities that feature connections between and among services, and an understanding of how children's different backgrounds and experiences are important in promoting children's health and well being.

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