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You Make The Difference™: Parent-Child Interaction Program

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A three day workshop for community professionals<return>


Bay Bloor Executive Suites
1101 Bay Street

Hosted by: The Hanen Centre

Enriching parent-child interaction as part of your prevention program.

January 9 - 11, 2002 OR January 30 - February 1, 2002

In the 3 day You Make The Difference™ (YMTD) workshop, community professionals will learn how to lead a YMTD Parent-Child Interaction Program.
Workshop participants will be taught through a series of interactive, experiential activities which include:

- Observing simulated YMTD sessions
- Leading a practice session for a group of parents


The YMTD workshop is for community professionals who work with a diverse group of parents of very young children. These parents may
- benefit from improving their parenting skills,
- be young and/or single,
- be socially or geographically islolated,
- be economically disadvantaged,
- have limited literacy skills and/or
- have typically developing children or children who are at risk of delays in development.

The YMTD workshop will enable community workers to:
- run YMTD programs for groups of parents,
- help parents develop better parenting skills,
- provide parents with support from other parents in the group, and
- link parents with other community services that they may need.


- Teaches parents how to interact with their children in ways that enhance the parent-child relationship and promote child well being.
- Helps parents learn to promote their children's social and language development in everyday situations
- Is a general education parenting program geared toward prevention
- Helps makes parents aware of developmental needs their child may have so that appropriate services may be accessed with support from community professionals
- Combines group sessions for parents with individual videotaping of parents and their children, with coaching from the YMTD group leader


To be elegible to attend participants must have post-secondary training in Early Childhood Education, Public Health/Community Nursing, Social Work, Speech-Language Pathology or a related field


a minimum of two years experience working with parents and their young children.


A limited number of subsidies for YMTD workshops taking place in Toronto in January 2002 are available to Canadian community workers who are involved in prevention programs and work with families and children who are at risk. The subsidy covers 50 per cent of the workshop fee.

Upon completion of the YMTD workshop you will be eligible to sign a Licensing Agreement with The Hanen Centre. This will license you to run the You Make The Diference™ program as a parent education/prevention program under the YMTD name and logo.

You Make The Difference™WORKSHOP AGENDA

9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Intoduction to the YMTD program
- rationale and philosophy of the YMTD program
- the '3A Way' (startegies to foster parent-child interaction)
- adult learning (cinsiderations for leading YMTD
Orientation to the YMTD program
- a YMTD group session for parents in action

9:00 am - 4:30 pm
How to run a YMTD program
- practice co-leading parts of a group session for parents
- introduction to videotaping and coaching of parents while interacting with their children
- evaluation of parent-child interaction

9:00 am - 4:30 pm
Lead a mini video review in a YMTD group session
- practice selecting positive video segments of parent-child interaction and leading a stimulated group video review

Understanding typical communication development in children 0-3
- normal and delayed language development
- identification of risk factors
- issues related to second language learning

Running your first YMTD program
- things to consider
- getting started

Workshop fee: $500.00

For registration information, please contact The Hanen Centre

Contact name: 
The Hanen Centre
Contact email:
Contact phone: 
(416) 921-1073
Contact fax: 
(416) 921-1225
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