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Child care design & technical guideline

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Levitt Goodman Architects
Publication Date: 
24 Oct 2012

Excerpts from the introduction:

Over the last few decades, a deeper understanding of the role that early education plays in improving a child's future academic performance, health and quality of life has emerged. Within the spectrum of elements that create excellent child care, the quality of this environment has a profound influence - especially given that many children spend close to half their waking hours in a child care setting. Learning from direct experience, children are attuned to and affected by their surroundings. The child care is a place where children experience the world and through which caregivers and the community gain support.

These design guidelines were developed in response to the above considerations and for people who are involved in planning, building and renovating space for child care. It is the product of a collaborative effort by people who are passionate about child care and recognize the contribution that the environment makes to good quality child care.


Entered Date: 
6 Nov 2012
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