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Children, pupils and staff: National level

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Sweden's Official Statistics on Pre-school Activities, Schoolage Child Care, Schools and Adult Education. Part 2, 2009
Swedish National Agency for Education (Skolverket)
Publication Date: 
1 Mar 2010

Excerpts from the report:

The Swedish National Agency for Education hereby presents the second part of the official statistics regarding pre-school activities, school-age child care, schools and adult education in 2009. This report presents "Children, pupils and staff" and covers all types of activities within the Swedish National Agency for Education's sphere of responsibility. The report is followed by part three regarding costs within the same sphere. Statistics Sweden (SCB) has on behalf of the Swedish National Agency for Education produced the statistics presented here. As of 2004 the official statistics of the Swedish National Agency for Education has been published exclusively on the agency's website.

In order to increase access to the Swedish National Agency for Education's statistics there has been changes in the statistics website. It has been running since Mars 2007. The statistics are published by form of activity on national level (official statistics), county level and municipal level. The data are then collected in series of official statistics, Educational results, national level, Children, pupils and staff, national level and Costs, national level. On the agency's website you also find SIRIS, which presents data on grades and educational results at school level and data on pupils who have completed upper secondary school.


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Entered Date: 
30 Jun 2010
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