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Next steps for early learning and childcare: Building on the 10-year strategy

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Publication Date: 
28 Jan 2009


This resource contains documents relating to Next Steps for Early Learning and Childcare - a new strategy which reviews the progress since the 2004 10-year strategy put out by the DCSF, and outlines the path ahead to improve early learning and childcare.

The report finds that there has been significant progress since 2004. Early learning and childcare is more flexible, affordable and better quality than ever before. Many more families are benefiting from new rights and services &em; such as extended paid maternity and paternity leave, new Sure Start Children's Centres and better financial support. And the latest Foundation Stage Profile results prove that impact is starting to show in children's outcomes at age five. But some challenges remain.

This document spells out next steps in DCSF's long-term vision. It proposes a number of policies which DCSF would like to explore further with families, the sector and other relevant stakeholders over the coming months.

Five years into the 10-year childcare strategy, DCSF wants to take stock, and address new and future challenges. This is even more critical in the context of a global economic downturn. Good quality early learning and childcare is vital for ensuring all children, but especially the most disadvantaged, reach their full potential. It supports parents into employment - which is the best way out of poverty - and it relieves the time and emotional pressures that families face in balancing work and home life.

See related link for 2004 10-year strategy report.

Entered Date: 
4 Feb 2009
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