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The working poor: Canada and the world

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Policy Options, Vol. 29, no. 8
Heymann, Jody; Barrera, Magda & Earle, Alison
Publication Date: 
1 Sep 2008


Child poverty remains one of the most important long-term challenges facing policy-makers around the world. Canada is one of 188 countries that made a commitment to the Millennium Development Goals of eradicating extreme poverty. Thus far, progress has been uneven, with some regions already achieving the targets and others lagging far behind. Effectively tackling child poverty requires ensuring that parents can succeed at earning a living while caring for their children well. This article examines policies that can make a difference to the productive lives of families. It offers recommendations for how policy-makers can ensure that Canadians have access to the working conditions and social supports they need to exit poverty and improve Canada's contribution to addressing global poverty.

Entered Date: 
10 Sep 2008
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