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Early childhood spaces: Involving young children and practitioners in the design process

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Working Papers in Early Childhood Development, No. 45
Clark, Alison
Publication Date: 
21 Jan 2008


"Children and the way they live in places, build relationships, and learn are not always the primary starting point of reference guiding the various phases of school design and construction" (Veechi 1998).

This study is concerned with how young children can play an active role in the designing and developing of children's spaces. The focus is on children under 6 years old in early childhood provision.

The opening quote is from Vea Veechi who for many years was engaged as an atelerista (art teacher) with young children in the Diana preschool in Reggio Emilia in Northern Italy. Vea Veechi conveys a view of spaces for children which are about living, interacting and learning. This understanding led to the study title: 'Living Spaces'. The study was carried out by Alison Clark and Peter Moss.

Entered Date: 
1 Feb 2008
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