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Work-related child care: Evidence from research

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CRRU Issue File
Childcare Resource and Research Unit
Publication Date: 
11 Aug 2006


During the 2006 federal election campaign, the Conservative Party announced the Community Child Care Investment Program:

"The Conservative government will help to create new child care spaces by establishing a Community Child Care Investment Program. The program will provide assistance to employers &em; both businesses and non-profit institutions &em;when they create new child care spaces for their employees and the surrounding community. A tax credit of up to $10,000 will be granted for each child care space created. The cost is estimated at $250 million a year.

It is anticipated that the program will create about 25,000 new child care spaces each year or 125,000 spaces over five years.

…The program will be designed to ensure that small business and rural communities will be able to access it as well as larger employers and cities." (Conservative Party platform 2006)

As Canada moves toward this policy direction, exploring what we know about work-related child care becomes vital. This Issue File is intended to enhance knowledge and promote discussion about the issue of work-related child care in the Canadian context.

Entered Date: 
12 Aug 2006
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