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Support for child care

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VanRIMS No. 08-0500-12
Deal, Heather (mover) & Louie, Raymond (seconder)
Publication Date: 
2 Mar 2006

The following motion was unanimously passed by Vancouver City Council

Text of the motion:

WHEREAS the City of Vancouver has a long tradition of providing leadership in the development and support of licensed, non-profit childcare;

AND WHEREAS, the previous federal government committed almost $5 billion over 5 years to establish a national childcare program, of which $633 million was to come to BC;

AND WHEREAS, the current federal government promised to rip up these agreements in March of 2007;

AND WHEREAS the current federal government is replacing the national childcare plan with individual payments to families with children that are in fact taxable family bonuses and will do nothing to further develop a national childcare program;

AND WHEREAS the suggested bonus of $1200 a year will cover just over one month's cost for children under 18 months;

AND WHEREAS there is a lack of facilities for younger children, including those with parents who can afford to pay for child care;

AND WHEREAS the provincial government has been slow to raise opposition to this plan, despite very public concern expressed by other provinces, families and the childcare community;


1. THAT Council acknowledge that the primary responsibility for funding and administering comprehensive childcare programs rests with senior levels of government.

2. THAT Council affirm its commitment to work cooperatively and in partnership with the provincial and federal government to ensure we meet the city's overall targets for developing new child care spaces.

3. THAT Mayor and Council write a letter to senior levels of government indicating that every effort should be made to ensure Vancouver families have access to affordable and accessible child care through the established national child care program, and support for its continuation

government document
Entered Date: 
16 Mar 2006
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