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Investing in people

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Creating a human capital society for Ontario
Panel on the Role of Government in Ontario
Publication Date: 
16 Apr 2004

The Government of Ontario appointed the Panel on the Role of Government in Ontario in January 2002, to examine emerging challenges likely to confront the province of Ontario over the next 10 to 15 years and to propose broad policy directions or priorities that would enable the Government to be responsive to these challenges. The Panel submitted its report in 2004. The theme for the Panel's report is investing in people in order to strengthen the human capital of Ontario's citizens. [The Panel] believes that the creation of a human capital society in Ontario will make the greatest difference to the lives of Ontarians in the coming years. In addition to the Panel's report, 50 background research papers by distinguished experts were commissioned. The Panel's research staff was asked to provide a synthesis of this research, producing a staff report.

(Excerpts from the Panel report)

[The Panel] believes that strengthening early childhood education and care (ECEC) is central to the development of a human capital society in Ontario. ECEC refers to the various programs and arrangements, other than compulsory schooling, for educating and caring for children from birth to six years old. High-quality ECEC is fundamental to the development of children and has been demonstrated to impart long-lasting economic and social benefits, such as increased productivity and health outcomes. A wide range of studies have shown that high-quality ECEC has positive effects on all facets of child development, including cooperating with adults, socializing with other children, early competence in reading and math, and school readiness. Indeed, the returns from early investments in education may be greater than returns from later stages of education.


- Staff report: Creating a human capital society for Ontario
Report in html and in pdf. For section on ECEC, see pages 32-40 of the report in pdf.

- Research report: The future role of government in supporting early childhood education and care in Ontario
by Cleveland, Gordon & Colley, Susan
Report in pdf

- Panel report: Investing in people
Report in pdf. For section on ECEC, see pages 11-12.

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Entered Date: 
16 Apr 2004
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