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$10-a-day child care: Let’s implement a comprehensive strategy for affordable daycare in B.C.

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Letter to the Editor
Gregson, Sharon & Mlieczko, Emily
Publication Date: 
30 Jul 2014


The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of B.C. and the Early Childhood Educators of B.C. agree with the Vancouver Sun editorial board in its position on child care. We're hearing of widespread support for the editorial, provincially and from across the country.

It was a game-changer that thoughtfully explored the rationale for public investment into a quality child care system, a system that meets the 21st century needs of parents for access to quality affordable care for their children, and provides the labour market with the necessary workers to meet the anticipated labour shortages in our province.

Kudos to the supporters of the $10/day Child Care Plan, which collectively now represents almost two million British Columbians. They too know it is time for a public policy solution to the child care crisis facing children, parents and communities.

Affordable child care can bring economic and social benefits and it is time for government, business and labour to explore how, as with public education and health care, early childhood care and learning can be a generator for economic activity and development.

We echo the Sun's call for a multiparty move forward to implement a comprehensive strategy for providing affordable daycare for families across British Columbia. The $10/day Child Care Plan is the solution. It's grounded in evidence, costed, widely supported and ready for implementation. We call on the provincial government to convene a meeting of government, business, and labour leaders to discuss with us how B.C. can build a child care system to better meet the needs of our children, of parents in the workforce, and of our economy. We look forward to those discussions.

Sharon Gregson, Coalition of Child Care Advocates of B.C.

Emily Mlieczko, Early Childhood Educators of B.C.

- Read online at the Vancouver Sun

Entered Date: 
30 Jul 2014
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