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Waste of money

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Letter to the editor
Maria Vaiaso
Publication Date: 
27 Nov 2012



I'm glad that we are finally talking about the federal Conservatives "great idea" to give everyone with a child under six $100 to cover childcare costs.

As a mother who benefited from the universal child benefit for years, I can say that this $100 a month is a terrible waste of government money that should have been used on a progressive childcare solution for families.

For upper middle class parents, $100 barely covers the craft supplies to stay home with their children.

With tremendous wait lists for subsidized day care, $100 doesn't begin to cover the cost of child care for the thousands of families that can't get a spot.

Besides, six-year-old children still aren't old enough to care for themselves.

I'm also angry with Liberals and the NDP for not campaigning harder on the alternatives to this program. Even when they do, they aren't as good at talking about the financial business side of these types of ideas as are the Conservatives.

Imagine a system where there was money was made available for anyone who qualified for day-care subsidies so they could hire people they feel are best able to care for their children. I know parents who could have ended their days on social assistance and returned to the workplace or school if they had received affordable, quality child care for their children. How many families would be able to use that type of support to lift themselves beyond the poverty line?

How much money could that save the system?

Maria Vaiaso, Saskatoon

-reprinted from the Star Phoenix




Entered Date: 
28 Nov 2012
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