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Grits want to fight for families, says Ignatieff

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Murphy, Jessica
Publication Date: 
26 Jan 2011



The Liberals are painting themselves as a party ready to fight for families.

"We want ground under our feet, pensions we can count on, health care when we need it, early learning and childcare, post-secondary education - the ground under the Canadian family," Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said to applause from his caucus Tuesday.

The speech branded the Liberals as the party most that united Canadians through common values and concerns of the "hard-pressed, middle-class family."

"We stand together. That's the Liberal message," Ignatieff said.

Despite Ignatieff's talk of unity, Liberal House leader David McGuinty took a divisive tone speaking to reporters earlier in the day.

The MP railed against what he called Harper's record of of "over-blowing claims and embellishing records" and slammed the Tory corporate tax cuts, the F-35 fighter jet deal and the current $56-billion deficit.

Still, both senior Liberals denied the party was looking to send Canadians to the ballot box this spring.

"Folks, I don't know when there's going to be an election,"Ignatieff told his caucus colleagues. "We're not seeking an election. We're not seeking to provoke an election."


- reprinted from the Toronto Sun

Entered Date: 
26 Jan 2011
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