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We're on the map for pay equity [CA-QC]

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Stastna, Kazi
Publication Date: 
10 Feb 2004

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What's a girl to do? If she wants her income to be on par with that of her male colleagues, she's best off living in Victoria, Quebec City or Montreal; if a management job is what she's after, Toronto is the city for her.

A breakdown by gender of the socioeconomic indicators outlined in the adjacent article shows a woman working full time in Montreal earns about 74 per cent what a man does. In Toronto, it's 71 per cent.

Montreal and Quebec City are last on the list of 12 cities in terms of proportion of women in management. While 40 per cent of management positions in Toronto are filled by women, only about 33 per cent in Montreal and Quebec City are.

That's about what the proportion is in Calgary, although that city has a lower ratio of women to men, 50:50, than Montreal or Quebec City, where it's roughly 52:48.

Victoria does well on both fronts - with the lowest gap in incomes and the second-highest proportion of women in management: about 39 per cent.

When it comes to unpaid child care, women are over-represented in all 12 cities. In Montreal, 73 per cent of those who devote at least 30 hours a week to unpaid child care are women.

Only Toronto, where almost 75 per cent of unpaid child care is done by women, has a higher proportion. Winnipeg, at roughly 69 per cent, has the lowest.

- reprinted from Montreal Gazette

Entered Date: 
10 Feb 2004
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