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Day care operator Edleun widens net loss as it grows its business

The Canadian Press
Publication Date: 
21 Jun 2011
Entered Date: 
29 Jun 2011

Column on child care highlighted risks

Harding, Sandy
Publication Date: 
31 May 2011
Entered Date: 
1 Jun 2011

Big box babysitting: Corporate child care is not the solution

Dallaire, Jody
Publication Date: 
30 May 2011
Entered Date: 
1 Jun 2011

Public school board rejects company's bid for space

Pratt, Sheila
Publication Date: 
12 May 2011
Entered Date: 
18 May 2011

Case study: Corporate childcare expanding in Canada

Research and Analysis

Alberta government must change our child care policies
Moore-Kilgannon, Bill
SOURCE: Public Interest Alberta, 2010
- Press release

Case study: United States

Research and analysis

Booming economy fuels continued expansion of for-profit child care
R. Neugebauer
SOURCE: Child Care Information Exchange, 131: 18-21, 2000
In print: CIRC ID# 13833

Case study: Australia

Research and analysis

The giant in the playground: investigating the reach and implications of the corporatisation of child care provision.
Press, Frances & Woodrow, Christine. (2009). Sydney University Press.

The corpratization of Australian childcare: Towards an ethical audit and research agenda
Sumsion, Jennifer
Journal of early Childhood Research. 2006, 4(2), 99-120.

Organizational behaviour

Canadian documents

Organizational structure and behaviour in day care: Differences between non-profit and for-profit centres
Analysis of data from Child Care Management Study.
P. Canning
SOURCE: Canadian Journal of Infancy & Early Childhood, 9 (2): 67-78. 2002.
In print: CIRC ID# 17331

See also:

A sociological examination of the child care auspice debate [See Observed Quality section]


Canadian documents

Hidden fragility: Closure among child care services in BC
P. Kershaw, B. Forer & H. Goelman
SOURCE: Vancouver: Human Early Learning Partnership, University of British Columbia. 2004.
Report in pdf

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