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The Thematic Review of Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)
was launched by the Education Committee of the Paris-based Organization
for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 1998. It was
motivated by a 1996 meeting of the OECD Education Ministers on the topic
“Making Lifelong Learning a Reality for All”. With the aim of strengthening the foundations of lifelong learning, the ministers set a goal of improving access to and quality in early childhood education and care and recommended conducting a Thematic Review (a cross-national study).

OECD Thematic Review of Early Childhood Education and Care

This Issue File provides links to all the material now available from
the OECD’s Thematic Review of Early Childhood Education and Care. This
includes documents already linked to the CRRU website and material not
previously available including other related documents and news stories
about the Thematic Review.

Thematic Review of ECEC on the OECD’s website: direct link

This Issue File is organized into the following sections:

Case study: Corporate childcare expanding in Canada

Research and Analysis

Alberta government must change our child care policies
Moore-Kilgannon, Bill
SOURCE: Public Interest Alberta, 2010
- Press release

Case study: United States

Research and analysis

Booming economy fuels continued expansion of for-profit child care
R. Neugebauer
SOURCE: Child Care Information Exchange, 131: 18-21, 2000
In print: CIRC ID# 13833

Case study: Australia

Research and analysis

The giant in the playground: investigating the reach and implications of the corporatisation of child care provision.
Press, Frances & Woodrow, Christine. (2009). Sydney University Press.

The corpratization of Australian childcare: Towards an ethical audit and research agenda
Sumsion, Jennifer
Journal of early Childhood Research. 2006, 4(2), 99-120.

Edmonton schools reject for-profit daycare

CBC News
Publication Date: 
11 May 2011
Entered Date: 
11 May 2011

Maternal and child services needed in north, says study

Weikle, Brandie
Publication Date: 
4 May 2011
Entered Date: 
4 May 2011

Attacking the NDP: Killers of child care and raisers of taxes

Fitzpatrick, Meagan
Publication Date: 
25 May 2011
Entered Date: 
27 Apr 2011
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