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Data crimes and misdemeanors: Why childcare, too, needs the long-form census

February 2, 2015 by Martha Friendly

In the first week of February 2015, the House of Commons will vote on Kingston MP Ted Hsu's private member's bill calling for restoration of Canada's long-form census. Although research methods and data analysis are not ordinarily popular or newsworthy topics, there has been considerable media and public attention to the details of how Canada has turned its data clock back to the year 1956, or 1871, or 1666, depending on how you look at it.

Are we there yet? Post-turkey reflections on childcare in 2015

January 21, 2015 by Martha Friendly

By Martha Friendly and Monica Lysack

After the overstuffed turkey dinners, eggnog and latkes, the holidays are a perfect time to reflect on the past year before gearing up for the new one. This year, with a federal election looming and ChildCare 2020, Canada's first childcare policy conference in ten years just behind us, the holiday was an opportunity for heavy-duty musings about childcare in 2015. 

Double whammy: Why we’re crowd funding for childcare data

September 10, 2014 by Martha Friendly

Taking Care of Child Care Data logo

It's probably not surprising that childcare data was one of the first casualties of the data crimes and misdemeanors that have swamped Canada's stock of valuable information used by social groups, business analysts and policy makers to understand critical issues.

Child care’s rough ride

May 8, 2014 by Martha Friendly

Child care now!

Child care in Ontario has been having a rough ride for some years. Most recently, the current election call illustrates the precariousness of child care in the absence of a federal role and without solid, well-developed provincial policy. In Ontario and Canada-wide, the state of child care is dismal in just about every way - spaces unavailable, quality uneven, wildly varied but mostly unaffordable parent fees, low staff wages, weak regulation.

Another February 6: One more year and whaddya get? (Not more and better child care)

February 6, 2014 by Martha Friendly

Photo of ministers signing the MB bilateral agreement

By Martha Friendly & Carolyn Ferns

Another February 6th, and for those of us in the child care community, it's a time to reflect on Canada's close-but-no-cigar national child care program. You remember, right?

Buyer beware: What parents navigating Canada's child care market need to know

September 30, 2013 by Martha Friendly

Graphic for Finding quality child care / Trouver des services de garde de qualit

The last year or two has seen a flood of media stories about unregulated (or unlicensed) child care situations with no public oversight in which children have died, were injured, or put at risk. We've read about:

Look in the mirror: Just substitute "Canadian" for "American child care hell"

April 24, 2013 by Martha Friendly

An article in the April 29th issue of The New Republic has generated considerable interest in US child care as its content and perspective have been picked up and extended in social media, other magazines, US TV, radio and daily newspapers and even in offshore news media.

Think child care is no longer a women’s issue?

March 6, 2013 by Martha Friendly

Image of Rosie the riveter with a baby in her arms

On this International Women's Day,  think again....

Here are ten indications that Canada's lack of action on universal child care continues to have a profound impact on women in all regions of Canada-- across the life span, across diverse groups and across the economic spectrum:

Why universal childcare is essential for a more equal Canada

July 3, 2012 by Martha Friendly

Thirsty for Change?  CCPA infographic comparing c

If anything positive has emerged from Canada's growing inequality, it is that a conversation about "the Canada we want" has begun, as pundits and ordinary Canadians have begun to make the connections between health and wealth, public services and social justice, economics and democracy, taxes, inequality and social programs. Over the past year, public forums, blogs, conferences, and the media have explored these issues that came to full public attention when the Occupy Movement shone a spotlight on inequality.


It’s time for the Ontario government to deliver on child care

November 11, 2011 by Martha Friendly


Those of us who regularly Google "child care Ontario" can't help but notice the growing number of local news items that describe the pandemonium threatening child care across the province. This includes not only last week's major report from Toronto Children's Services but news items in local media outlets in Waterloo, Ottawa, Parry Sound, Cambridge, Sudbury, Sault Ste Marie, Cornwall (and probably others that I haven't seen).

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